The Order of the Beast Blood (abbreviated as "OBB") was a group of warrior priests who were entirely devoted to a specific Beast. They each wore a mask that was filled with a small portion of the Beast Blood belonging to the Beast they worshipped, giving them the same powers as them. The robes they wore was themed with the colors of their Beast, and also had the symbol representing them on their back. Although there were many more worshippers out there, the OBB members stood out, mostly due to their extreme devotion towards the Beast they worshipped. They chose themselves who they wanted to worship - and the Beast chose them.


The members of the Order were:

  • Gaiyan, affiliated with Gadon
  • Isaarker, affiliated with Kitamura
  • Glaxion, affiliated with Yakura
  • Yawuld, affiliated with Orkan

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